DIY Webinar Pressure-Free Course (recorded)

DIY Webinar Pressure-Free Course (recorded)
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Webinar Series (recorded) of Pressure-Free Performance features the full Pressure-Free course with Elle Ingalls narrating in webinar format of slides with graphics. Includes the 58-page pdf-book Quantum Leap. 

Session 1: What is stress and what does it do to your body and mind, the 10-second Solution plus a starter tool.

Session 2: The Basic Nine Tools for you to stop triggering the stress response.

Session 3: The Recovery Tools: what you can do if you do trigger.

Session 4: The Nine Mind Tools: actions you can take to move out of negativity and gain control over your thoughts.

Session 5: The Nine Health Tools: ways to keep your body healthier and improve physical healing and performance.

Session 6: The Nine Life-Crafting Tools: Time management and life-design tools to create your future.

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