Quantum Leap DIY Pressure-Free Course

Quantum Leap DIY Pressure-Free Course
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Your Do-It-Yourself Pressure-Free Course shows you how to stop stress at its source to improve your health, relationships and performance, and to lessen anxiety, annoyance and anger. 

 This course is designed for self-starters who like to do things by themselves at their own pace. Here are the elements of your course:

  • all six editions of the 6 sessions of videos so that you can choose the ones that best fit your needs, and also repeat the same material with a slightly different angle each time.
  • All six audio sessions of the course. Feel free to copy these to an i-pod or cd for your car or cd player for more chances to listen.

Access to the 21-day video course. You will receive an additional email that asks if you would like to receive 21 days of short videos that reinforce the tools I am sharing with you in the longer videos.

Access to the Nine-week program of weekly emails with the course materials for just that week in order to pace yourself through the course.

  • Week 1: Session 1 – The 10-Second Solution
  • Week 2: Session 2 – The Nine Basic Tools
  • Week 3: Catch-up week
  • Week 4: Session 3 – The Nine Recovery Tools
  • Week 5: Session 4 – The Nine Mind Tools
  • Week 6: Catch-up week
  • Week 7: Session 5 – The Nine Health Tools
  • Week 8: Session 6 – The Nine Life Design Tools
  • Week 9: Review

Bonus: One Private Coaching Session with me, valued at $249. 

Optional Payment Method: You can choose to pay $497 all at once, or make 3-monthly payments of $167. For the 3-month plan, please go back one page, and click on the 3-payment option.

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